About Us

” Techy Uday ” is the official blog of Uday Nigam. I am a young boy who made this blog for sharing my all information and also for telling people some tricks and tips by me. I am a boy who is very fond of Tech and Gadgets related things and just loves to talk about that.

I am also a YouTuber and owns a YouTube Channel named same as my blog Techy Uday. I just not want to get some appreciation by family members or relatives but I want to make my name ‘ Techy Uday ‘ a brand.

Learning, Writing and Telling about Tech and different facts about is my passion, but the main problem is that you really can’t follow your passion without money. So, you will be seeing some Ads on my Blog.

In this Blog, I am only going to tell only about Tech related things but I believe that a person must have a little knowledge in every field. So, I decided to also post about the different topics in this blog.

By following my blog you will definitely be able to be a master in the field of Tech and Gadgets and also be able to earn money if you do little hard work.